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15 Best New Mom Blogs to Follow of 2023!

Don’t you wish babies came with instruction manuals?  Yeah, there’s Google and WebMD, but what happens when the textbook answers don’t quite fit your questions?

I get it. Believe me, I get it. When I became a new mom, I was overwhelmed. And just when I thought I was starting to figure it out…I had another one! Believe it or not, my most bountiful resource hasn’t been Google or WebMD.

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No, what we really need is to draw on during this hairy phase of life is the wealth of experience from other moms. Luckily for us, we live in an age where all of that information is at our fingertips. We just need to know where to go. 

Let me introduce you to the world of mom bloggers. Women that, just like you, have been new moms and can offer real advice for real-world situations.

In this post, we’re going to go over the absolute best new mom blogs to follow. Some of these blogs are ridiculously popular, others are up-and-coming; all are excellent resources for this new, scary phase of your life. Whether you’re looking for baby blogs, pregnancy blogs, or #momlife blogs, I know you’ll find one that you can fall in love with.

Top 15 First Time Mom Blogs to Follow if You’re a New Mom

This post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase from one of the links I will make a small commission at no charge to you. I only recommend what I trust. Blunders in Babyland does not diagnose, treat, or give out any professional advice for any medical conditions.

Blunders in Babyland

Is it tacky if I tell you to follow me? Ha. Before we begin, at least let me introduce myself. 

Helping new moms overcome their baby blunders is my passion.

I know all about the pressure to strive for perfection with your new little one. So, when baby blunders arise, it can be quite the blow for new moms. I’m here to give you practical advice for all things baby, pregnancy, breastfeeding, and infant sleep…I also love reviewing baby products and I have an unhealthy obsession with essential oils. 

Having said all that, I try to be real with my readers about the messiness of motherhood. When I became a mom, I was obsessed with perfection…and devastated when I couldn’t achieve it. I want you to embrace the crazy imperfection that is life with babies and enjoy your own unique journey through motherhood. 

Anyways, here are a  few of my most popular posts:

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Mommy on Purpose

This is one of my favorite first time mom blogs to follow!

If you’re looking for a realistic look at motherhood with open and honest advice, you’ll love Mommy on Purpose. Carly’s mom blog is a jack-of-all trades, covering topics about pregnancy, baby care, and postpartum tips, all the way to frugal living tips and blogging. 

She could probably even qualify as a personal finance blog when you consider all of her amazing baby-related money tips!

I think my favorite aspect of Carly’s blog is how friendly she is. When I visit her site it feels like I’m getting advice from a wise friend, not some random person on the internet.

Definitely one of my favorite baby blogs for new moms!

Swaddles ‘n Bottles

If your search for new mom blogs to follow tends to revolve around baby blogs, Swaddles n’ Bottles is an excellent resource.

Caroline’s posts on breastfeeding and baby sleep “training” have saved me many times over. She bases her posts on the questions she had as a new mom, so you’ll find plenty of relevant, relatable material. 

She blogs about newborn, breastfeeding, pregnancy, and baby gear topics. However, if you have a toddler in the house, you should definitely check out her Toddler Activities section.

When your little one gets older, Caroline also owns an adorable toddler blog with super fun activities and printables!

Pregnant Chicken

Pfft. Not me. I’m never sarcastic… 

Pregnant Chicken is one of the more popular mom blogs on this list. It’s a huge resource with lots of articles written just for pregnant women and new moms. 

And Amy’s dark sense of humor really brings this blog to life. 

Just a few of my favorite posts from Pregnant Chicken include,  “Breastfeeding for Beginners”, “Glossary of Pregnancy Terms” (I really wish I had read that earlier), and “Interview with a Sleep Consultant”. 

If you’re look for a new mommies blog that tells it to you straight and makes you LOL, Pregnant Chicken was made for you.

Coffee and Coos

I feel a special kindredship to Alexandra from Coffee and Coos. Like me, this mom blogger started her baby website when she was a new mom. Now she is a mom of three and has LOTS of excellent advice to share with you. 

Alexandra loves to blog about all things motherhood. If you’re looking for advice from a mom who’s been there, Coffee and Coos is the best parenting blogs for you. 

She’ll take you from the beginning of your pregnancy to that crazy labor and delivery, and finally how to take care of your little bundle of poo–I mean, joy.

My absolute favorite aspect of her mom blog is the section dedicated to birth stories. I mean, WOW! These mamas have shared powerful (and super encouraging) experiences. 

I don’t know about you, but I’m a sucker for listening to  empowering stories.

Imperfectly Perfect Mama

It truly does take a village to raise a child. And, guess what? 

Imperfectly Perfect Mama is that virtual village! 

Like Her View From Home, Imperfectly Perfect Mama is a parent contributor blog. That means you’re reading aaaaallll of the advice from moms and dads just like you that have already been where you are. 

Honestly, this website is a great blog for women in general. There’s a ton of practical advice that you can use for the rest of your life (like how to save money, budget your time more wisely, and organize your messy house!)While this site isn’t specifically for new mamas, it hosts the voices of dozens of women that can A few of my favorite posts are Living on One Income, and How to Support Your Husband as a New Dad.

Fennel Seeds

When I began creating my list of new mom blogs to follow, I KNEW I had to include Fennell Seeds!

 Are you a freak for practical, clear-cut tips? If so, you will love this new mom blog. Carolyn’s baby tips are simple and so, so easy to put into practice.Having said that, I love that she dives into the other messy aspects of motherhood, such as home organization tips, traveling with kids, and mommy fitness.

Confessions of Parenting

I think one thing that new moms need more of is real, unfiltered advice. 

That’s why I love Michele’s mom blog, Confessions of Parenting

Michele is a Family Life Educator/Mommy/Step-Mommy/Wife/Blogger. While her mommy blog provides practical baby tips and motherhood advice, I think you’ll love her unfiltered Life UnEdited posts the most. 

The fact is, motherhood is not butterflies and rainbows…and sometimes weird, crazy (and maybe a little disgusting) things happen. Check it out if you enjoy diving into the life of other moms!

Chronicles of a Babywise Mom


Okay, I realize this baby blog is for a pretty specific niche, but the Chronicles of a Babywise Mom is, hands-down, one of my top new mom blogs to follow. When I first became a mom, I visited Valerie’s blog at least three times a day.


She has the best sleep advice. If you’re into sleep schedules and independent sleep, you’ll love Babywise and everything that entails (On Becoming Babywise is a baby sleep book that I discuss in this post)

Her baby blog provides practical tips on how to implement the principles from the -Wise series in your own life. I don’t think I would have been so successful with Babywise if it hadn’t been for her blog.Also, I love her blog’s format. She has a blog index BY AGE, which is incredibly helpful when you’re trying to figure out appropriate nap times, milestones, etc. Her blog is like a quick reference sheet for babies! Even if you’re not much of a baby sleep schedule fan, it’s definitely one of my top recommendations for new mom blogs to follow.

The Parenting Pod

During the craziness of new motherhood, sometimes we forget to take care of our mental health.

So, let me ask you, Mama, do you suspect that you’re suffering from postpartum depression? How about your baby? Have you noticed signs that something might be off? 

Check out the Parenting Pod. This unique collaboration of experts can give you the answers you’ve been searching for. They focus primarily on family mental-health but have several safety-related posts as well. They offer a great in-depth resource guide on postpartum mood disorders and mental health issues for children and babies. The Parenting Pod also has an excellent baby products review section and has probably one of the most impressive car seat safety series EVER.

Mom Loves Best

Oh boy, where to begin? Jenny’s blog is such a resource for your first couple years as a new mom.

This baby blog is incredibly detailed. Where one blog might have a post about choosing the right sippy cup, Jenny literally has an entire section devoted just to sippy cups. She has product reviews, baby tips, mom hacks, extremely detailed infographics, videos… I could go on. If I had to narrow down the new mom blogs to follow to just five, this one would definitely be in the running.

Just Simply Mom

First Time Mom Blogs to Follow - Just Simply Mom

I love Marissa and her writing style! She’s actually guest-posted on Blunders in Babyland a few times and I feel like our readers have been so blessed by her tips.

Marissa’s new mom blog is dedicated to baby, toddler, and pregnancy tips. She deals with a lot of “real” topics like sleep and toddler issues, but I love that her blog also offers a lot of creative advice as well. Like pregnancy announcement ideas and nursery decor inspiration.

Mommy’s Bundle

I love the premise of Mommy’s Bundle: Love the Joy, Love the Chaos.

 In those first couple months of motherhood (okay, years), you’re going to have A LOT of questions. Mommy’s Bundle can help you through this stage of life and actually enjoy it too. Ana provides easy baby, pregnancy, breastfeeding, toddler, and motherhood advice for every overwhelmed mom. I don’t sign up for email newsletters very often, but I jumped at the chance to sign up for hers (and got a free mommy planner too! Woot Woot!)

She also has a fantastic Instagram page that offers great baby tips!

Mommy with a Chance of Showers

How you do you survive a blackout with a baby? 

What happens when your toddler suddenly turns into a hellion that doesn’t know the definition of no? These kinds of things happen to every mom, but often times we have no clue what to do!

 Her mom blog gives creative, practical advice for real-world situations. On top of that, as a Special Educator, Michele has a ton of great ideas for  baby and toddler activities advice for special needs children.

Italian Polish Momma

Baby Blogs for New Moms Italian Polish Momma

The picture says it all!

I found the Italian Polish Momma on Pinterest and even though she covers a vast amount of topics on her blog, 90% of it totally pertains to new moms. C-section recovery, baby tips, baby gear lists, baby care, pregnancy…seriously, this mommy blog is a wealth of information and I love her!

 That’s My 15 New Mom Blogs to Follow!

We are so blessed to live in an age where information is so readily available. If your baby has your head spinning and you’re searching for answers, I am confident these women can help. And don’t forget, I’m here as well.

So, what do you think of my best new mom blogs to follow list? Did I miss a really great baby blog? Or, better yet, are you a mommy blogger that loves to help new moms? Let me know in the comments below!

15 of the Best Mom Blogs for Your New Baby

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    1. Mother Haggard is awesome too! I especially love your outfit of the day…mostly because that’s literally my wardrobe right now, haha.

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