Simply Earth November 2021 Box Review & Coupon

When you love something, you want to share it with others, right? This year I’m so excited to give my buddies toxin-free, all-natural products…made right from home.

For those of you that are new to this blog, I’m Erin. Blogger and mommy of 2 little girls. Most of the time, I write about babies and motherhood, but once a month, I get to share about one of my absolute favorite things…essential oils!

Simply Earth November 2021 Box Review (1)

I started using essential oils a couple years ago while I was pregnant with my firstborn. What started out as a way to help me relax and get some more sleep turned into a passion. Now I use essential oils to create chemical-free cleaners, refreshing diffuser scents, and kid-friendly remedies.

Once a month I open an essential oil box and go over the oils and recipes and educate my readers on the transformative benefits of each oil.

I am so excited to share the Simply Earth November 2021 Recipe Box with you.

In this month’s box, we’re going over a few fun essential oil gift ideas, plus some of the best essential oils to use. ALL of the ingredients we’re talking about are included in the Simply Earth November box (minus the baking soda, water, etc.). While I always recommending that you grab the box for yourself, I hope this post is highly informative and gives you some great ideas for the upcoming Christmas season.


Simply Earth November 2021 Box Review (2)

Simply Earth November 2021 Recipe Box Review: At-a-Glance

Theme: Gift Giving

Recipes Included: Candy Lip Balm, DIY Air Dry Clay Diffuser Ornament, Forever Thankful Diffuser Roll-On, Winter Joy Bath Salts, Oatmeal Cookie Sugar Scrub, Gift Diffuser Blend

Oils Included: Winter Spice, Candy Cane, Cassia, & Lime

Goodies Included: Plastic Tubes, Gift Tags, Lip Balm Containers, Lavender Buds

Total Value: $109.92

Use code BABYLANDFREE to get the recipe box for $39 +bonus box + $40 egiftcard

This post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase from one of the links I will make a small commission at no charge to you. I only recommend what I trust. Blunders in Babyland does not diagnose, treat, or advise medical conditions. I received this recipe box for free in order to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own.

My Favorite Essential Oils Brand

Chances are, if you’re reading this post, you’re at least familiar with Simply Earth. I am a die-hard fan. I can’t imagine using another essential oil brand and I recommend them to anyone I can.


Simply Earth is the perfect combination of pricing and quality. They source all of their materials from only ethical farmers across the globe and manufacture their products in their own kitchen (where they control the whole process).

Simply Earth isn’t an MLM. They don’t broker deals with shady suppliers. The best part? These business decisions reduce costs and make them one of the most budget-friendly essential oil brands in the industry.

If you don’t know much about Simply Earth, I highly recommend that you check out my full review on them.  In the meantime, here’s a couple additional factoids you’ll need to know:

  • GC/CM Tested Essential Oils (100% pure)
  • 365 Day Guarantee
  • 13% of profits go to non-profits against human trafficking
  • Offers both Ala Carte and Subscription Boxes

Ala Carte

At Simply Earth, you can buy most of their essential oils ala carte for a fantastic price (I’ve seen their oils go for half the price of big-box brands). In addition, you can buy essential oil accessories, like diffusers, the recipe storage box and the essential oil storage box (I have both of these and loooove them), jewelry, and bottles. 

The Simply Earth Recipe Box

Buying essential oils is one thing. Learning how to use them properly is another.

Using essential oils in the beginning can be intimidating. What carrier oils should you use? What dilution ratio should you use for which oil? What’s a dilution ratio??

If you want to score the best deal on Simply Earth essential oils AND learn how to replace your chemical-laden products with non-toxic alternatives, the Simply Earth Monthly Recipe Box is your best option by far.

Every month, Simply Earth sends out a monthly subscription box that revolves around a specific theme. This month’s it’s about creating oil-y gifts!

Every recipe box includes:

  • 4 pure essential oils
  • 6 essential oil recipes
  • 3-4 bonus goodies 
  • The Bonus Box (for new subscribers or every 6th box)

What Does the Simply Earth November 2021 Box Include?

This month’s box includes one of my favorite essential oils of all time….Cassia. If you’ve ever smelled cassia, you know why. Have you ever tasted a cinnamon-flavored tic-tac? Cassia is pretty spot-on to this! It’s amazing.

Aside from cassia, this box also includes some pretty GENEROUS bonus goodies that I can’t wait to show you. Let’s take a look!

Simply Earth November Recipe Box Essential Oils

Cassia: Like I said, it’s very similar to cinnamon. In fact, it’s been called Chinese cinnamon. Like cinnamon essential oils, cassia is extracted from the bark of a tree. Also like cinnamon, it has powerful immunity, antibacterial, and mood-lifting properties. 

Lime: I’ll take the scent of lime to lemon any day. Lime is refreshingly tart yet sweet. It’s the kind of essential oil you use at 5am when you need a non-caffeinated kick. It’s also a great antibacterial oil and useful against congestion. 

Candy Cane: The name kind of gives it away but Candy Cane smells like Christmas. I’ve used the Candy Cane blend several times in my mist diffuser, reed diffuser, and have even made chapstick with it. Candy Cane is a blend of frankincense, spearmint, orange, and lemon. Whether you’re trying to freshen up your home, create a natural decongestant, or boost your mood, this is a good blend to bless your friends with.

Winter Spice: I’m so glad Simply Earth included two blends in these boxes because they both embody Christmas in two very different ways. The first scent that hits me after smelling Winter Spice is the tangerine, followed swiftly by fir. It reminds me of walking through the woods, hunting for the perfect Christmas tree. Tangerine is used to reduce anxiety and improve moods while the Fir Needle and Balsam Fir are commonly diffused to improve respiratory health and minimize bacteria. I think this blend is perfect for bath salts recipe below.

Bonuses Included This Month

Simply Earth November 2021 Box Review - Bonuses (1)

Honestly, the bonuses make it for me. They look so posh, and they make it easy for you to some pretty impressive gifts.  In this month’s recipe box, you’ll find the perfect accessories to create your oil-y gifts:

  • 2 Test Tubes
  • Gift Tags
  • 2 Lip Balm Containers 
  • Lavender Buds

Bonus Box

Simply Earth Bonus Box

Don’t forget, if you’re a new subscriber, you can expect to receive a full-sized bonus box as well that contains all of the glass containers and carrier oils you’ll need to get started. 

The bonus box is a $49 value (like, legitimately) but you’re getting it for free. Seriously, for free. And, if you stick with Simply Earth for a while, you’ll receive a whole other bonus box on your 6 month.

Essential Oil Gift Recipes: Favorite Recipes from the Simply Earth November 2021 Box

And now the part you’ve been waiting for! Ways YOU can create beautiful, thoughtful essential oil gifts for your loved ones. Once again, I’m absolutely stunned by Simply Earth’s creativity. I love these gifts. I am not crafty AT ALL and I think they were so easy to make. 

Winter Joy Bath Salts

Simply Earth November 2021 Recipe Box Review - Bath Salts (1)

Bath salts are popular stocking stuffers and it’s easy to see why. They smell great and ease your aching muscles.

These bath salts smell like Christmas in a jar.

To make them, I just mixed the oils (3 drops of Winter Spice with 1 drop of Lemon with 1 Tbsp of almond oil). Then I mixed a ½ cup if epsom salt with ½ Tbsp of lavender buds. Combine both mixtures and add to the test tubes. 

Just so you know, I varied quite a bit from the Simply Earth recipe, which called for 6 drops of Winter Spice, 2 drops of lemon, and 2 Tbsp of almond oil. That made the mixture too liquid-y for my taste.

When you’re done mixing, tie the accompanying name tag and you’ve created a beautiful stocking stuffer!

Candy Lip Balm

Don’t be intimidated by this recipe. It’s super easy, looks pretty impressive, and smells phenomenal.  I actually made it a couple years with Simply Earth’s December 2019 recipe box. 

I combined 1tsp beeswax, ½ Tbsp solid coconut oil, and 1 tsp almond oil in a glass bowl. Because I don’t have a double boiler, I simply placed the glass bowl over a pot of boiling water. You can also microwave the glass bowl (I microwave for about 10 seconds before stirring. You do not want to overheat!)

Once the oils are melted you just stir in your favorite oils! I followed the Simply Earth recipe and added 4 drops of Candy Cane and 1 drop of lime. Then just pour the mixture into the lip balm tubes. 

My one complaint about this recipe is the cardboard tubes included. If you have a plastic lip balm tube from an older box, I definitely recommend those. They work so well!

Air Dry Clay Diffuser

Simply Earth November 2021 Recipe Box Review - Clay (1)

I’m really saving the best for last here. I love these little dudes and they were so easy to make.

Your friends can easily just attach them as ornaments to their faux Christmas tree, add a couple droplets of Winter Spice, and their whole living room will brighten up. 

Once again, I deviated from the Simply Earth recipe. I added about ¾-1 cup water (Simply Earth calls for ½ cup), 1 cup baking soda, ½ corn starch to a pan. Stir continuously while you cook over medium heat. You want to make sure that the mixture is not liquid-y at all, but pliable enough to make a dough ball. Let it cool until you can create the ball. Then, using a rolling pin, roll it out flat. I made the dough about a ½ inch thick. Use your favorite cookie cutters to make adorable, Christmas-themed shapes. 

Before your ornaments dry, make sure you use a toothpick to create a hole for twine. Allow the ornaments to sit at last 24 hours. I came back after about 12 to flip them over. 

Then you’re done! Just add a couple drops of your favorite oil to create all-natural diffuser/Christmas ornament!

How to Save on Your First Box

Are you ready to make some amazing essential oil gifts for your friends? Here’s how you can grab the Simply Earth November 2021 Recipe Box and save BIG. 

First of all, if you’re a new subscriber, use the code BABYLANDFREE to get the bonus box for FREE and receive a $40 egift card for future purchases. That means you can grab next month’s box for PENNIES. 

Once you’re subscribed, you’ll also gain access to more Simply Earth recipes and their Essential Oil Hero course. This online class teaches you everything you need to know about ratios, carrier oils, and creating your own recipes.

Let me know if you decide to get the box! I’d love to hear what you thought of it! Enjoy!


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