Simply Earth March Box Review + Coupon: Boost Your Mood With Essential Oils!

I think by the end of February, everyone’s feeling a little ragged. Winter just seems to drag on and on, and you’ve used up all of the holidays to get you through it. 

The winter drudge is the perfect time to break out the essential oils. Study after study has confirmed the positive effects essential oils can have on a person’s emotional state. But, there’s just one problem: the price. One 10ml container of pure essential oils can cost over $40! A hefty price just to kick some seasonal blues!

Simply Earth March Box Review - March 2020 Recipe Box and Bonus Box

But not in my house! And, after you read this post, not in yours either. 

This month, my favorite essential oils company is offering 4 pure mood-boosting essential oils (plus a whole lot of other goodies) for less than $40 as part of their March 2020 Recipe Box.

So, I’m about to go over the Simply Earth March recipe box and tell you exactly what it includes, how to save even more money on it, and how you can legitimately use these oils to boost your mood.


Can Essential Oils Actually Improve Your Mood?

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Before we dive into what’s included in this box, I want to show you how essential oils can legitimately affect your mood. 

I have personally used essential oils several times to boost my mood in one way or another. Even my husband (my personal Doubting Thomas) has experienced some mood improvement from essential oils that he can’t deny.

Emotions (typically) come from chemical responses in your brain. From research, we know that certain foods you eat can trigger emotional responses that you’re already predisposed to.

For example, too much caffeine could trigger an anxiety attack for someone that’s naturally anxious. Lack of Vitamin D or nutrition is linked with an increase in depression for individuals predisposed to depression.

Much like negative moods, there are foods and nutrients you can consume that may positively impact your mood. 

There’s a lot of science-y factors we could get into here, but an article from Johns Hopkins, explains it like this: when a scent enters your nasal cavity, it passes through the olfactory nerves into your brain.

These molecules then relay information to the amygdala, the emotional center of the brain. This, in turn, affects your mood in various ways, depending on the chemical makeup of the oil. 

This article also notes that you can apply the oils topically (where they absorb into your bloodstream), creating a similar effect.

Essential Oils for Anxiety - Improving Mood - Simply Earth Recipe Box (1)

What is Simply Earth and Why I’m Recommending It

I’ve used essential oils to boost my mood a lot during the last few months. I’ve used rosemary pretty religiously to boost my focus, eucalyptus and lime oil for energy, lavender and patchouli to help me sleep at night, and rose hydrosol to get rid of some of those nasty monthly mood swings.

The ONLY essential oils brand I use and recommend is Simply Earth. Let me tell you why.

Simply Earth is a family-owned company that produces 100% pure essential oils only from ethical farmers. All of their oils are manufactured, packaged, and shipped from their own commercial kitchen in Wisconsin. These factors result in a MAJOR production cost savings, which they pass along to their customers. 

What’s all this mean? Simply Earth offers exactly what the big essential oils companies do for a  fraction of the cost.

I’ve used Simply Earth for about 6 months now and I LOVE how they are always finding new ways to enrich their customer’s pursuit for natural living. From offering goodies and bonuses, to ridiculously low flash sales, to free–yes, free–online classes on how to use essential oils, this company bends over backwards to satisfy their customers.

What’s a Recipe Box?

You can buy most of their oils ala carte for roughly the same price as oils you’d find on Amazon. BUT. The best savings comes from their monthly subscription box, or the recipe box.

Simply Earth’s mission is to help their customers create a toxin-free, natural home. So, every month they send out a recipe box with a set of 4 essential oils, 6 essential oil recipes, and 2-3 bonus goodies

Each box revolves around a certain theme that helps you create a toxin-free home. For example, in February, the theme was “Love Your Skin”, so they sent out essential oils known for improving your complexion and even french green clay to create a legit face mask.

This month is “Boost Your Mood!”

Improve Your Mood with Simply Earth’s March 2020 Recipe Box

Simply Earth March 2020 Recipe Box Review - Improve Mood with Essential Oils

What’s Included in This Month’s Box

Simply Earth really did their research when they pulled this box together. The essential oils included in the March 2020 recipe box are linked with anxiety reduction, tranquility, energy improvement, and even enhanced memory function. 

Let’s dig in, shall we?

  • Orange Essential Oil: Several studies have been conducted on the uses of orange essential oil. It’s been found to reduce anxiety in both adults and children, improve exercise sessions, and relieve pain. On a side note, orange essential oil also  contains several antioxidants that may assist with preventing the spread of cancer. Use this oil to energize.
  • Cypress Essential Oil: Like tea tree oil, cypress is a very well-rounded oil you’ll want to have in your cabinet. It’s a great cold buster: it contains antimicrobial, antifungal, and antibacterial properties as well as the chemical camphene, which is used to create cough suppressants. Studies have found that it effectively reduces anxiety. Use this oil to de-stress and relax.
  • Patchouli Essential Oil: I love this scent. It’s more subtle than Cypress and very calming. A recent study (admittedly, on rats) found that patchouli increases collagen (i.e. skin regrowth), repels insects (including mosquitos!), and reduces anxiety and depression. Use this oil to calm down and relax.
  • Energy Blend: A blend is included in every recipe box. The Energy Blend contains some of my favorite oils: eucalyptus, lemon, and peppermint. Peppermint is known for increasing your alertness and mental processing. Paired with Eucalyptus oil and lemon, it can provide a quick (non-caffeinated) pick-me-up. Aside from its aromatic properties, this blend is great for treating cold and flu symptoms. You can add it to your DIY cleaning solutions as well. Use this oil to increase your energy and alertness.

Simply Earth’s March 2020 recipe box also includes lots of goodies to help you get started.  My favorite (and most unique) bonus ingredient is the lava beads. 

Okay, if you’re anything like me, you might be wondering, lava beads? What are lava beads! Lava beads are actually porous pieces of molten rock that absorb essential oils (similar to a reed diffuser). The beads included with the recipe box can’t be used as a bracelet, but they do make a really cool decorative piece. 

As if that wasn’t enough, the box also includes reed sticks and an essential oil inhaler.

The Bonus Box

Simply Earth Essential Oils Bonus Box - March 2020 (1)

Because this is my 6th recipe box (woohoo!) I also received a FREE bonus box with my order. And guess what… if you’re a new customer or you’re on your 6th recipe box, you can expect to receive one as well. 

Over the next few months, you’re going to create lots of concoctions with your essential oils. The bonus contains the amber vials, carrier oils, and roll on bottles, and even beeswax you’ll need to create these recipes. 

Here’s a breakdown of what the bonus box includes:

  • 6 10ml roll-on amber glass bottles
  • 6 5ml amber glass bottles
  • 4oz carrier almond oil
  • 2oz beeswax
  • 12oz coconut oil (solid)
  • 4oz carrier fractionated coconut oil

This is just another example of how Simply Earth takes care of their people!

The March Box’s Recipes: I.E. How You’re Going to Improve Your Mood with Essential Oils

I think the hardest part of getting into essential oils is figuring out how to actually use them. I mean, there are recipes all on Pinterest, but how do you know they actually work?

So, for this last part of the Simply Earth March box review, I’ll share a few recipes included in the box that were actually cooked up by an aromatherapist. 

Here’s a break down of the recipes included in the box:

  • DIY Lava Rock Diffuser
  • Persevere Roll On
  • Creative Zone Diffuser Blend
  • Anxiety Relief Inhaler
  • DIY Reed Diffuser
  • It’s Okay to Grieve Diffuser Blend
  • …And 2 Bonus Diffuser Recipes: “Whimsy” and “Joy”

DIY Lava Rock Diffuser

Simply Earth March Box Review - Lava Rocks

Until I received Simply Earth’s March 2020 Recipe Box, I had NO IDEA you could use lava rock to diffuse essential oils. It’s so cool! Basically, all you do is add a few drops of your favorite essential oil to the lava rocks, place the rocks on your favorite decorative piece, and enjoy the scent. Personally, I think the lava rocks are much more subtle than a diffuser or even reed sticks.

Perfect for a small bathroom or if you live with people that aren’t essential oil fans.

Persevere Roll On

The roll on that was created specifically to help you conquer mondays! The persevere roll on gives you an energy boost, focus, and tranquility you need to stamp out that task list. This roll on is equal parts energy blend and cypress essential oil. 

If you’re not a big fan of cypress (it smells like a mixture of frankincense and tea tree to me), this blend is the perfect way to mellow it out just a bit. 

Anxiety Relief Inhaler

Simple Earth Essential Oils Inhaler (1)
An essential oil inhaler is the perfect way to use your natural remedies on the go!

Did you know that you can use an inhaler for aromatherapy? If you struggle with anxiety in social settings or you’re looking for an energy boost at work, an essential oils inhaler is the perfect accessory.

Really, you can use any of the essential oils for the inhaler, but I stuck to the recipe card and created the anxiety relief blend (a mixture of orange and patchouli). I didn’t love the inhaler included in the box (it’s a little difficult to work with), but it works well once you get the cotton to absorb the oils. Once you infuse the cotton and replace the cap, you can store the infuser in your purse, backpack, wherever, and grab a concentrated whiff whenever you need to. 

DIY Reed Diffuser

Simply Earth March Box Review - Reed Diffuser (1)

If you’re tired of going to retail giants  and spending an arm and a leg on reed diffuser sticks and oils, you’re going to be delighted with this recipe. 

I used the Joy diffuser blend for this recipe and substituted rubbing alcohol (fresh out vodka these days). To me, the scent is stronger than the lava rocks but still more subtle than a cool mist diffuser. 

Ready to Improve Your Mood? Here’s How to Save More Money

Simply Earth March Box Review - Recipe Box and Bonus Box
Use the code BABYLANDFREE to get aaaaallll of this for $49 + a $40 e-giftcard!

If you’re ready to use essential oils to improve your mood, I am SO glad you’re considering Simply Earth. Before you head over to their website, you should know there are a few ways that you can save even more money.

If you’re a new subscriber, you can get this box, plus the bonus box, AND a free $40 e-giftcard by using my personal code, BABYLANDFREE

The $40 e-giftcard basically makes next month’s box free.

Just note that while the recipe boxes are subscription service, you can cancel or pause at any time. This option allows you to pick and choose what boxes you receive while still giving you access to that extra savings.

(But remember, if you do stay with them, you get another free bonus box after 6 months)

Once you’re a member, Simply Earth has added some seriously cool benefits you’ll want to check out, like a free essential oils beginner course and access to their referral program (which earns you free boxes, by the way!)

What if This Box is Sold Out?

Simply Earth’s recipe boxes do have the tendency to sell out quickly. If you’re reading this and the March Box has already sold out, you can still buy these oils individually at Simply Earth. (It’s a little more expensive and you don’t get the bonuses, BUT these oils are still a lot cheaper than the competition).

Alternatively, you can purchase the Starter Box, which includes some pretty cool mood boosting oils too (like Peppermint, Frankincense, Lemon, and the Sleepy Blend)

Like the themed boxes, the Starter Box includes 4 essential oils, 6 recipe cards, and two bonuses

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The Simply Earth March Box Review Conclusion…

Improve Your Mood with Simple Earth Essential Oils - Simply Earth March 2020 Recipe Box Review (1)

Simply Earth is my secret sauce for improving my mood with essential oils without spending an arm and a leg. 

I’ve used their oils to help me fall asleep at night, get through monthly mood swings, and give me the energy I need for more than a few late-night blog posts. 

If you are serious about improving your moods naturally, I can’t recommend Simply Earth, and this box, enough.

If you want to snag your own, I added a button below that takes you straight to their website. Remember, if you use my code BABYLANDFREE, you can get the bonus box for free, plus a $40 e-giftcard.

I hope this Simple Earth March Box review helped you learn how to use essential oils practically to improve your mood AND convinced you to hope on the Simply Earth bandwagon ;). If you have any questions or comments, just let me know below. I’m happy to help!

Wishing you good vibes!

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