Simply Earth July 2020 Recipe Box – Essential Oil Hair Salon

Let’s face it. Sometimes our hair can give us a lot of drama.

My hair has gone through the gauntlet; Excess oils, dandruff, breakage, color damage–you name it. Sometimes, the thought of correcting these issues by exposing it to even more chemicals feels just plain old wrong.

Simply Earth - July Recipe Box

How about you? Are you ready for a natural solution for healthier, beautiful hair?

Essential oils have taken the modern world by storm and not even 2020 can slow them down. One very common use for essential oils is hair care. The chemical properties in essential oils actually interact with your skin cells and follicles. They can stimulate blood flow, cleanse your pores of bacteria and other impurities, reduce inflammation, and even boost your mood.

All of this can help create healthier, longer, more beautiful locks.

I only recently started using essential oils in my hair (as in, THIS MONTH) and so far, I LOVE IT. And, thanks to Simply Earth’s July 2020 Recipe Box, I think you will too. This month, the theme is all about hair care. They provide not only the best, highest-quality essential oils to start your own hair care regimen, but shampoo and conditioner base as well.

In this post, I’m sharing what’s in the Simply Earth July box and explaining exactly how these recipes and oils can help you create fantastic hair products that work. Let’s get started!


New to Simply Earth? Check Out Their Story

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Simply Earth - July Recipe Box - 13 percent
Simply Earth donates 13% of their profits to a charity: This month they are supporting Sojourn House

Before we get into the recipes and oils, let’s talk about Simply Earth. Have you heard of them yet?

I wish I could shout about their products from the rooftops. Many of my family and friends love essential oils. Unfortunately, they’ve been paying a steep cost to obtain a good selection. When they tell me exactly how much they’re paying, my jaw drops to the floor. You see, Simply Earth is literally a fraction of the cost of typical high-end essential oil companies.

Simply Earth is a family-owned company based in Waldo, Wisconsin. They produce only 100% pure, therapeutic grade, GC/MS-tested essential oils, harvested only from ethical farmers across the globe. Once they receive the raw materials, Simply Earth manufactures their oils in a commercial kitchen, then distributes privately. Basically, they cut out the middle-man from all of their dealings.

This translates into ginormous savings, which they pass on to you, the customer. 

Cost savings and quality isn’t the only reason why I’m loyal to them. I love that they are so generous. Every month, they donate a portion of their profits (13% to be exact) to a non-profit that helps fight against human trafficking. 

What is a Recipe Box and What’s Included This Month?

Simply Earth - July Box - Includes

The funnest and cheapest way to buy Simply Earth essential oils is to subscribe to their monthly recipe boxes.

Every recipe box includes 4 essential oils, 6 recipes, and 2-3 bonus goodies. The value of these boxes is incredible. For example, this month’s box is valued at over $100, yet you’re only paying $39 to get it (plus, if you’re a new subscriber, you’ll actually receive an ANOTHER bonus box for free…more on the later.)

The theme changes every month, thereby ensuring that you…1, never buy essential oils that you have no clue what to do with. And 2., always receive new and exciting oils.

The biggest question I get about Simply Earth’s recipe boxes is this: “Can you cancel Simply Earth once you subscribe?” And the answer is YES. It’s ridiculously easy to cancel or even just pause their subscription service.

Speaking of recipe themes, let’s get back to this month’s box. The theme for Simply Earth’s July 2020 recipe box focuses on hair care. This month’s box is loaded with essential oils and recipes that will help you cure your hair’s ailments and grow healthier hair. 

Here are the oils included in the Simply Earth July 2020 Recipe Box:

  • Palmarosa: A common scent used in perfumes, palmarosa is great for your skin. It has actually undergone studies that indicate that it can be used to soothe pain. You’ll use palmarosa to hydrate your scalp and fight pore-clogging bacteria. On a side note, it smells amazing. Kind of like roses.
  • Rosemary: This is one of my favorite essential oils, right next to lavender. For hair care, studies have suggested that rosemary can actually counteract the effects of androgenetic alopecia, the most common form of hair loss. In fact, one study found that participants who massaged rosemary into their scalp twice daily enjoyed benefits similar to those that used Rogaine. You’ll also love rosemary for a host of other natural remedies, such as pain relief, anti-bug ointment, and enhanced memory function. (Seriously, I’m using it right now to help me write this article!)
  • Spearmint: You’ll find that it’s a main ingredient of many of the recipes below, and for good reason! Like peppermint, spearmint contains menthol, which can clear your skin and respiratory system. It can stimulate blood flow, fight bacteria and fungi, and help create a healthy environment for hair follicles. It’s a great essential oil for dandruff recipes!
  • Fit: This is a proprietary blend of Simply Earth containing grapefruit, spearmint, and lavender. Like lavender, grapefruit can help relieve anxiety and lower your blood pressure. It also contains tons of antioxidants and can help suppress food cravings. This is the perfect blend for creating hair growth and dandruff remedies.

These oils are great, but what would a hair salon be without any shampoo or conditioner? The Simply Earth July box also contains natural, paraben-free shampoo and conditioner base, as well as an empty 1 oz. bottle for more concoctions.

The Bonus Box

Simply Earth Bonus Box

If you’re a new subscriber, you can also expect to receive a free bonus box. The bonus box contains roughly six month’s worth of bottles, carrier oils, and other handy ingredients for making essential oil recipes. It’s valued at $40, so it’s definitely a heckuva a steal.

Here’s exactly what I received in my bonus box:

  • 6 10ml roll-on amber glass bottles
  • 6 5ml amber glass bottles
  • 4oz carrier almond oil
  • 2oz beeswax
  • 12oz coconut oil (solid)
  • 4oz carrier fractionated coconut oil

If you do decide to snag this month’s recipe box, make sure you use the code BABYLANDFREE to receive the bonus box and a free $40 e-gift card.

Simply Earth July 2020 Recipes: Using Essential Oils for Hair Care

Simply Earth - July 2020 Recipe Box - Best Oils (1)

Are you ready to make your own natural hair products? I am! I love the recipes included in this month’s box. They were ridiculously easy to make and actually work. 

Now, I should mention that you need to do a patch test before applying any of these natural ingredients to your skin (or any product, really). While I loved these recipes, you have no idea how they will react with YOUR skin or your hair. Always use caution with essential oils, especially photosensitive ones.

With that little disclaimer, let’s look at the recipes included in this month’s box:

  • Nails Without Fail Oil
  • Strength & Length Conditioner
  • Strong & Long Shampoo
  • DIY Dry Shampoo
  • Fit Roll On
  • Salon Day Diffuser Blend

Strong & Long Shampoo

Simply Earth - July 2020 Recipe Box - Essential Oil Shampoo

I am a big fan of this recipe. For my hair, it was incredibly effective. If you’ve ever used a clarifying shampoo, that’s exactly how it felt. After using it, it was a good three days before I started to notice an oily scalp. So, it’s definitely a great product if you happen to suffer from an oily scalp. If your hair is naturally dry, I would make sure you follow up with the Strength & Length conditioner afterwards, or even a good natural leave-in. 

To make the Strong & Long Shampo recipe, just mix 3 drops of rosemary and 1 drop of spearmint into the shampoo base. Shake for 30 seconds. It’s that easy and it smells FANTASTIC.

Strength & Length Conditioner

I like the Strength & Length Conditioner, but I had to use a generous amount for my just-below-shoulder-length hair.

To make this recipe, mix 4 drops of rosemary essential oil with 2 drops of spearmint. You’ll want to leave this conditioner in for at least 1-2 minutes for it to take effect before rinsing. I believe you can also use it as a leave-in as well.

On a final note: I had a small case of dandruff before applying the Stength & Length Conditioner. Since I started using it, I’ve definitely noticed an improvement!

DIY Dry Shampoo

Simply Earth July Recipe Box Reveal - DIY Dry Shampoo

Full confession: I waited 4 days to wash my hair, specifically so I could use this dry shampoo. I NEVER go more than 2 days without washing my hair. So, that should tell you two things: 1., the Long and Strong Shampoo recipe is really, really good. And 2, I really wanted to try out this dry shampoo. 

I made the Dry Shampoo exactly as it is shown on the card (1tbsp Almond Oil, 3 drops Fit blend, ½  cup cornstarch), but held off on the cocoa powder. NOT a good idea. Unless you have very light hair, I would definitely add the cocoa powder!

I applied the shampoo to only the oily parts of my hair (from my roots to about an inch down my hair) and it worked great. In the picture above, you can see my before (oily, caked hair) and after (much more presentable!)

Want More Hair Care Recipes? Grab the Simply Earth July 2020 Recipe Box and Save Money!

My hair is THANKING ME for using this month’s recipe box and I think yours will too! If you want to start making your natural hair remedies, just click the link below to go to Simply Earth’s website. For only $39, you get all of the bonus goodies I mentioned above!

Just make sure you use my code BABYLANDFREE to get the free $40 egiftcard. 

Just a heads up, these boxes usually sell out by the middle of the month. If the box is sold out, you can still grab these oils ala carte or purchase the Simply Earth Starter Box.

I truly hope that these recipes and oils have given you the inspiration to create your own DIY essential oil hair remedies. If you have any questions about the recipe box or just want to suggest or own DIY hair remedy, let me know below!

Have fun!


Essential Oil Hair Products - Simply Earth July Recipe Box (1)

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