Babysitter Printables Bundle

Hi, Mama!

Is idea of letting a complete stranger watch your child stressing you out?

Believe me, we’ve all been there.

You know what makes your kid tick.

You know what to do when she cries. How she needs to sleep. When she needs to eat.

What you don’t know is this person that has free access to your kid and home.

That’s why I created this super-cute Babysitter Printables Bundle! This  bundle will walk you through each step of the child care process:

Babysitter Interview Form 

It asks all the questions that you need to know, or you might feel a little uncomfortable asking without this form’s help

Babysitter Cheatsheet

This form contains all the information your babysitter needs to know about your child—your contact info, medical background, sleep routine, house rules, and more.

Emergency Contact Form

If there is an emergency, your sitter will be prepared! This form contains all the critical information your babysitter will need to get help FAST.


Not to mention it’s stinkin’ adorable!

Still trying to find reliable child care?

Check out my post, 13 Stress-Free Ways to Find Reliable Child Care.  The idea of letting a stranger watch my little girl was terrifying! I wrote this post for myself as much as you! I go over the best babysitting websites and safest ways to find child care.

In the meantime, snag your printable fo’ free! From one new mom to another, anything that can simplify and de-stress your life is so worth it.

Until next time!



Babysitter Printables Bundle