The Keys to the Zzzs Newborn Sleep Course Review

Getting your newborn to sleep can be a challenge. When you’re exhausted from three (or less) hours of sleep, scrolling through Pinterest and reading sleep training books isn’t exactly a top priority.

And the tips you have learned? Not working. You tried the swaddling thing and your baby hates it. Maybe you attempted to give your baby a “full feeding” in hopes of extending his sleep. Still no dice. In fact, he falls asleep in the middle of the feed! You feel like you’re missing something. 

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That’s where the magic of a newborn sleep class comes in.

The Keys to the Zzzs is a newborn sleep class that teaches new parents how to build the foundation for great sleep quickly and effectively. With the help of this class, you can learn how to get your baby to fall asleep and stay asleep.  In my The Keys to the Zzzs newborn sleep course review, I’ll go over what to expect from this class, including the topics covered, techniques you’ll learn, and the pros and cons.


Pros and Cons: Keys to The Zzzs Newborn Sleep Course Review At-a-Glance

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  • Foundational class– no sleep training
  • Bite-sized lessons
  • Techniques for 0-3 Month babies
  • Quick course; about 60 minutes
  • Budget-friendly
  • Created by a sleep consultant
  • 30-Day Guarantee


  • Online course
  • Lecture-style course (minimal visual aids or written material)
  • Basic, foundational course (think of it as newborn sleep 101).

What is the The Keys to Zzzs Newborn Sleep Course?

The Keys to Zzzs was created by Amy Motroni, sleep consultant and owner of The Postpartum Party. As a mom herself, Amy understands how exhausting the first days of motherhood can be. She offers sleep consultations for children 0-4 years, and most recently, this newborn sleep course. 

Class Structure

The Keys to the Zzzs is an online, lecture-style course, narrated by Amy. Each lesson is between 2-15 minutes long. The course also offers a helpful printable sleep schedule to help you hit the ground running.


Sometimes learning about newborn sleep can be downright exhausting. Scouring blog posts, books, and pretty much any helpful bits of information is not only time-consuming, but it tends to convolute things (ask 10 different sleep experts the same question and you’ll get 10 different answers). 

The goal of the Keys to the Zzzs is to give a simple, step-by-step program that can help your baby learn healthy sleep habits right away.

A few of the topics included are:

  • Creating a good sleep environment 
  • Safe sleep guidelines
  • How to follow a flexible daytime routine
  • All about naps- Saving naps, how much sleep your baby needs during the day, how to get your baby to sleep, and most importantly, what to do when your baby wakes early from a nap.
  • Day feeds and awake time- How long to keep your baby awake, what to do with your baby, and how to read when to put baby back down for a nap.
  • Night time feeds- How to handle night wakings, create a bedtime routine, and how to gently extend sleep.
  • Fitting all this in your life – Having grace for your baby. Amy reminds her students over and over again that babies are not robots. Even though the course offers sample schedules, there’s a very good chance your baby will not follow this from the start.

Who is This Class For?

This course was specifically designed for the newborn phase. That is, 0-3 Months. If you’re a new parent and completely clueless about newborn sleep, this is a good class to help you hit the ground running. Also, because of the size of the lessons, the Keys to the Zzzs is good for on-the-go moms that need to learn about newborn sleep quickly and without paying an arm and a leg.

If you’re not interested in cry-it-out sleep training, I think you’ll enjoy this course as well. The Keys to the Zzzs simply offers the foundation for great sleep. You can apply these techniques as soon as you come home from the hospital.

Who is This Class Not For?

If you’re looking for all of the bells and whistles, such as hands-on tutorials, extra goodies like handbooks, and more advanced sleep training techniques, this isn’t the course for you. The Keys to ZZZs is a lecture-style course that covers the basics of infant sleep. 

Highlights from the Keys to the Zzzs

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Photo Credit: The Postpartum Party


For me, naps were (are!) the most difficult part of sleep training. I really like that Amy offers realistic expectations of naps. She says that  scattered, random naps are normal and offers  helpful tools to extend these precious moments.

She also tells you what to do if your baby wakes from a nap early (i.e. how to get your baby back to sleep and extend the nap). Amy also helps you determine if you should hold back from interfering during a wakeup (remember, this is not a cry-it-out course, we’re merely pausing to see what’s going on).

Night Feeds

Ah, yes. Night feedings. The bane of every bleary-eyed mom’s existence. 

First of all, Amy goes over how to create an efficient bedtime routine that lulls your baby to sleep peacefully and, in the long run, builds the basis for  independent sleep. The best part: the type of bedtime routine Amy recommends isn’t long or elaborate. It can be as short as 3 minutes!

Once you’ve created your bedtime routine, you’ll learn how to handle night wakings. Navigating nighttime sleep is difficult, especially when you’re exhausted. Amy’s approach focuses on serving the baby’s needs, while gradually reducing the number of wakings. 

Is the Keys to the Zzzs Newborn Worth It?

If your goal is to learn the basics of newborn sleep quickly and without spending a lot of money, the Keys to the Zzzs Newborn Sleep Course can tell you exactly what you need to know. Thanks to the short, bite-sized lessons, you can get through the course fast and begin using the tips by the end of the day. 

If you’d like to learn more about The Keys to the Zzzs, check it out here. As of writing this review, you can still get the course at its launch price of $39.

I hope this review gave you a good idea of what to expect from Amy’s course and, most importantly, the information you need to get more sleep!

Or, if you have a questions about my experience, let me know below! Good luck, Mama!


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