10 Cheap and Fun Places to Go with a Newborn

Looking for fun places to go with a newborn? Taking your baby out of the house is one of the best things new parents can do!

Here’s a few of my favorite places to take a baby! Plus, the essentials you should bring while you’re adventuring!

Places to go with a baby - Places to take babies

When you have a newborn, the days blend together and you begin to feel isolated. After my second daughter was born, I lost count of how many days I spent indoors (the fact that she was born during the pandemic, did not help either).

One day, I couldn’t take it anymore. I grabbed my girls and drove to a mommy cafe some friends told me about. After a few minutes of wailing, it became one of the most enjoyable outings I’ve had in a long time. 

I realized that I desperately needed things to do with my baby, in order to survive the newborn phase.

How about you? Do you feel cooped up all day? Are you ready to make new memories and help your baby experience new things? Believe it or not, there tons of places to go with a newborn that are safe, fun, and totally affordable.

Below are just a few of my absolute faves!

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    The zoo is my go-to during warm seasons. However, if you’re looking for things to do with a baby in the winter, the aquarium is a very fun substitute. 

    Typically, aquariums feature learning displays (with plenty of knobs, handles, lights, and buttons to push), as well opportunities to touch some sea creatures.

    You might have a little trouble getting to the hands-on displays right now (at the least the activity centers in our area were closed), but it’s still a great place to walk around and introduce your little one to new aquatic creatures.

    Aquariums can be on the more expensive side, so check their website or the chamber of commerce to see if they offer a resident discount or coupons.

    Mommy and Me Swim Class

    Things to Do With a Newborn
    Beautiful mother teaching cute baby girl how to swim in a swimming pool. Child having fun in water with mom.

    Your local athletics center is one of the cheapest places to take babies. Some athletics centers feature yoga, stroller exercise groups, and swim classes. Mommy and me swim classes gently introduce your baby to water and can offer a satisfying workout for you.

    Community pools or community centers also offer sessions for babies too. Most of the time not newborn babies though. Usually, 6 weeks is the cut off mark. It wouldn’t hurt to give them a call! 

    Pet store

    Now, if you’re looking for free places to take a baby, the pet store is my go-to. You can easily make it a learning experience. For example, while we stroll around, I ask my daughter questions about the animals, “Oh, what is that? What color is he? What sound does this bird make?” etc., etc.

    If your baby is very young, she’ll just be fascinated by all of the new animals and sounds (and probably smells) around her.

    The Cafe

    Places to Go With Baby- Cafe
    My sweet girl practicing her tummy time on the floor of a cafe. She LOVED it and so did the cafe owners. We added quite a bit of padding underneath the blanket to cushion her little noggin!

    Mmm, yes. Arguably my favorite place to go with a newborn…

    Sometimes a change of scenery is good for you and for your baby. Sometimes, getting out of the house just means dressing up and grabbing some coffee.

    When my firstborn was a newborn, my special time was meeting with friends over coffee. I would go during her naptime. She’d sleep in her car seat (with a light blanket blocking the light and her portable white noise machine on full blast). It was the best hour of my life.

    This is a quick and cheap thing to do with a newborn when you’re postpartum and just need to escape for a little bit.  

    The only downside: usually cafe’s aren’t extremely baby-friendly. Make sure you bring a portable baby changing table that you can use in the car or a blanket to cover the car seat if your baby plans on napping.  

    Story time at the library

    Reading to your baby is so much fun and a powerful tool to help build his vocabulary. Taking your baby to an infant storytime session at your local library removes a lot of the pressure off you and exposes your baby to new sights and sounds.

    Don’t worry if your baby isn’t capable of sitting still or keeping quiet. That’s part of the fun!

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    Music Classes

    Yes, you can actually go to a music class with your baby!

    For younger babies, these classes typically include holding your baby in a colorful area while the instructor plays different types of music and instruments. Toddlers get to play with different types of instruments, participate in fun games and interactive environments.

    Local Mom Groups

    Connecting with other moms protects you against isolation and introduces your baby to potential playmates. If you’re not sure where to connect with other moms, here’s a couple techniques I’ve tried:

    • MOPS International- This is a faith-based group that connects moms of kids 5 and younger. Usually, they meet during the week at local churches. Even if you’re not a Christian, give it a try. The moms are usually very laid back and just love connecting with other women. I go to one every week and feel so encouraged talking with women that are going through the same hairy stage of life.
    • Facebook Moms Groups- Facebook groups are a great way to connect with like-minded moms and find local meetups. All you have to do is search {Town You Live In} Moms and viola, you’ll be introduced to 1-2 local groups. Most of the time, local mom groups meet at the park (because fresh air is good for the soul) or they find a kid-friendly restaurant to chill out at.
    • Group Exercise Classes – This is a little different than going to community centers or the local gym. Search your local private studios for mom-specific groups. So far, I’ve seen stroller fitness (get ready for squats), yoga classes, and mixed cardio classes. 
    • La Leche League – Breastfeeding is HARD. Nursing support groups can give you the encouragement and tips you need to make it through your challenges. Not to mention, it’s a great place to meet other moms.

    An Orchard or Farm

    Places to Go With Babies - Orchard (1)
    (The baby carrier I’m using in the picture above is the Ergobaby 360 carrier with the newborn insert. This carrier, by far, was my favorite)

    I can’t stress this enough–fresh air is good for the soul!

    When my youngest was a colick-y newborn, one of the best outings we had was at the local tree farm. The scent of pine and the beautiful sunshine reminded me that there was a life outside of screaming babies. 

    Also, there’s something productive about cutting down your own tree or picking your fruit. It makes you feel like you’re accomplishing something!

    The Playground

    Can your baby play on the equipment? No. Can he watch while other kids play? Absolutely!

    Your baby is always watching and learning. A little outing to the local playground will help him grow accustomed to the sights and sounds of other children, and gradually learn how to climb equipment himself. 

    Also, to be frank, those first few months are HARD. It’s nice to see what the future might hold (as in NOT screaming babies and pure exhaustion).

    Generally, experts say it’s okay to take your baby out as long as he’s bundled up well and he’s not spending prolonged periods outside in freezing temperatures. On the next semi-warm day, grab your baby carrier, bundle baby up, and go for a walk. Sit in the backyard if you have to. Just get some Vitamin D! 

    The Museum

    Ironically, the newborn phase is probably the one time you can get away with going to a museum with a kid. Unless it’s a children’s “museum”. And trust me, they’re not that museum-y.

    It is actually so fun to either place your baby in a carrier or take a walk through the history or art museum with a stroller. You get to learn new things (and get out of the house!) and your baby gets some serious snuggle time. 

    Once again, we’re exposing your baby gradually to new sights, sounds, and even smells. After my second daughter was born, we actually went to the nearby museum of science. It was so much fun and incredibly family-friendly! They had a portable nursing lounge where I could feed her and plenty of bathrooms for the necessary diaper changes. 

    Places to Take a Babies from 6 months to Age One

    places to take a baby - things to do with a baby

    Mom and Tot Gymnastics Class

    My little one just started attending gymnastics and it has been the best investment I’ve made in motherhood so far! I love our tumbling class because it allows my kiddo to be just as rowdy as her little heart desires and it improves motor skills.

    Not to mention, she is nice and tired by naptime.

    If your little one is too young to attend gymnastics alone, many “mommy and me” tumbling classes start around 15-18 months. Bring your phone though, usually these classes are filled with picture-perfect moments!

    Indoor Play Areas

    Okay, I wouldn’t recommend this as one of my places to go with a newborn, simply because indoor place areas are known as a breeding area for germs. However, when your little one is all up-to-date on her shots, give this a go!

    In our area, many free indoor play areas (like McDonalds) have shut down because of COVID-19, but there are some independent indoor arenas still open. 

    Indoor play areas usually have sections for many age-groups, including babies and toddlers. Even if your baby can’t play, it’s a great place to walk around and expose him to colorful new objects and sounds.

    You might also look into  kid-friendly cafes (sometimes called mommy cafes). This is kind of a new concept, so they’re a little harder to find. Kid-friendly cades allow moms to chill out, have a cup of coffee, and let their kids go wild in a designated play area.

    If your location has something like this, you need to check it out! Many of these venues follow strict cleaning schedules in order to stay open.  

    The Splash Pad

    Right around the one year mark (when baby starts walking) you’ll begin to discover the joys of a splash pad. Even if your little one hated the pool, you might discover a little water baby at the splash pad. The pool is like an ocean for your tiny baby. The splash pad is often more approachable.

    For one, the fountains can be fascinating to infants. For another, watching other kids giggle and have fun encourages your baby to do the same.

    Know of any great places to go with a newborn? Let me know!

    Mama, if you’re feeling stir crazy after having a baby, it’s time to get out of the house. Just do it! It’ll be an amazing experience for you and your little one.

    In fact, exploring the world isn’t just helping her development, it’s creating a unique bond between the two of you.

    I hope you liked this list of places to go with a newborn, but keep in mind that restaurants, parks, and even malls can all be great places to visit during naptime. Just grab a stroller, blanket (I also like to take a portable white noise machine!), and you’re good to go!

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