How to Get a Baby to Sleep Through the Night

Sleep is important. For you and your baby. When neither one of you are sleeping very well (at night AND during the day), neither one of you are thriving and learning at your highest potential.

Fortunately, most babies are absolutely able to sleep through the night.

Baby Sleep Series identifies possible issues with your baby’s sleep life, how to build a routine that works for you and baby, and practical sleep training tips to help your baby sleep.

Before diving into the series, you should know what I mean by sleep training.

Sleep training is helping your baby learn how to sleep independently and fully.

While the Baby Sleep Series does mention cry-it-out methods, please know that this is only one of many sleep training methods.

Our goal is to help you find the sleep training method that works for your unique situation. To help you get started, don’t forget to pick up your free baby sleep schedule printables!

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You’re exhausted. Your baby wakes up multiple times a night for seemingly no reason at all. At first, the rocking, nursing to sleep, or pacifier would do the trick…but now? Nothing works. You’ve already heard the advice. Put your baby on a sleep schedule, teach her how to fall asleep independently. Maybe give cry-it-out a try.…

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