How to Soothe a Teething Baby: 10 Genius Baby Teething Remedies

Taking care of a baby is a challenging experience, especially when you are a new mom. You don’t know what all changes they will be going through, and every experience is a new one, even dreadful sometimes. 

Teething in babies is one of them!

Baby Teething Remedies - How To Soothe a Teething Baby

So, let’s start with when do babies start teething?

Generally, babies start teething between 6-24 months of age, and the teething symptoms include irritability, swollen gums and them trying to chew on various objects. In some cases, they also get a teething fever. 

And in times when the baby isn’t able to communicate his/her troubles, it’s even more difficult for the mom to handle it. That’s why we are here with 10 baby teething remedies to comfort your little one quickly.


10 Genius Teething Remedies to Soothe Your Baby

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Teething Rings

Teething Biscuits - Teething Toy

Teething rings are great to help your baby chew safely. It minimizes the discomfort and distracts them from the pain that is being inflicted because of baby teething. 

Some of the products are meant to be cooled in the refrigerator first. It helps the swollen gums to soothe and get better. But remember, that you aren’t supposed to put the teething rings in the freezer because a frozen teething ring could harm the baby’s gums.

Teething Gels

Teethings gels are popular, however, we recommend to go for the non-medical option like a teething ring. If you decide to go for teething gel, make sure you get it from a good company, and it’s designed for babies. 

The reason why we don’t recommend most of them contains some mild local anaesthetic.

If you go for a homoeopathic teething gel, make sure you purchase the licensed one. 

Make milk popsicles

Some babies refuse to eat while they are teething, and it becomes a heck of a task to get them eating.

 So, here is an idea: how about making some milk popsicles that feed the baby, cool down the swelling gums and provide relief to your toddler? Make sure you use BPA-free popsicle forms and fill with either breast milk or milk formula. You can also make ice cubes instead of the popsicles, covered by a washcloth.

But remember that popsicles and ice cubes can get messy to eat, especially when they start to melt. So, put your baby on a towel or blanket or maybe the floor so that it’s easily cleaned. 

Keep baby’s face dry

If your baby is drooling constantly, it’s one of those signs of teething. In this tender age, swollen gums are not the only problem. Skin irritation is also something that bothers them a lot. It adds to a lot of discomforts. 

Freeze a wet, textured washcloth

If you have used all sorts of cool baby products to get rid of the problem, well, here is a simple technique. This involves using a cold textured washcloth to relieve the babies with teeth. Take the cloth, freeze it, and give it to the baby. It will offer added relief by creating friction as the baby gnaws on it. 

Catching sleep on time

Sleep is essential, especially when your little one is going to have baby teeth. It’s very difficult for babies to sleep with all the discomfort caused by teething. To keep the pain away, use pain relievers and teething toys that could bring some calm to the chaos. 

If the pain is unbearable, give your kid infant Tylenol (for infants under 6 months). If your baby is above 6 months, we suggest giving them Children’s Motrin. Teething pain can be caused by inflammation, and Motrin is the reliever of the same. 

Don’t forget to consult your pediatrician first and follow the instructions mentioned on the packaging. 

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Ease the hunger strike

Not being able to eat is one common aspect of teething. Nutrition is mandatory, and there is no second opinion on that. So, here is one trick that you can use. 

Try giving your baby something cold to bite before mealtime. Luckily enough, kids love to eat chilled stuff. Once they grow up with a little more understanding of the world, orange popsicles would be their most favorite thing in the world. 

Cold toys will reduce the pain and inflammation, making the baby able to have his/her next meal. 

relieve baby teething pain - relieve teething pain in babies (1)

 Chilled fruits and veggies

This is another chill teething remedy. And here the thing is food. Cook chunks of carrot, sweet potato and broccoli or sliced banana and leave it in the fridge to get chilled. You can also peel apple and pear and refrigerate them. And the next step is something you are well aware of now- let your kid chew! But make sure you keep the chewing under supervision. It’s a two-in-one tool. Your kid gets the necessary nutrition and relief from pain too. 

Try different kinds of teethers

Babies love the variety and there is no way that they won’t like variety in teethers. You can find a variety of teething stuff from teething biscuits to toys. They are easily available online as well as on local shops. You will end up buying many to end up finding the one that your baby likes the most. Or to say, the teether that comforts your baby the most.

Comfort your baby

 Comforting a Baby

Comforting is a great pacifier. It relieves not just kids, but elders as well. Every time the baby cries due to the pain, hold your little one and comfort them. It’s a therapy that works for all kinds of babies. Give him a favorite toy and make all those funny/weird faces to distract them. It’s very easy to distract babies, just do something that attracts their attention, and they will be calm (for a while).

Meanwhile, you can put the necessary chilled goodies in the refrigerator which you can use as soon as the baby is reminded of the pain.

No More Endless Crying From Baby Teething

The teething phase is a difficult phase, not just for the baby but also for the parent. It’s hard to see your baby being uncomfortable all the time. These baby teething remedies will be at your baby’s rescue. If there is any tip that we haven’t mentioned that you’d be interested in learning, do reach out to us. We’d be happy to help.

Thank you for reading. Have a great day!


Baby Teething Remedies - Baby Teething Tips and Hacks

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