The Best Lactation Recipes to Boost Your Milk Supply

Lactation recipes.

The one time you’re allowed—no, encouraged—to indulge in delectable treats at 2:30 in the morning. The internet is stocked with lactation recipes of all sorts. Unfortunately, some tend to be less than delicious.

Best Lactation Recipes - Breastfeeding Foods

Do you know what I’m talking about? You find a recipe that looks good but tastes like cardboard? Ugh!

Well, Mama, that’s not going to happen here. The lactation recipes in this post are absolutely mouth-watering AND healthy. I think you’re going to love them.

Happy eating!


15 Tasty Lactation Recipes to Improve Your Milk Production

15 Delicious Breastfeeding Foods and Recipes to Boost Your Milk Supply

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What Are Lactation Friendly Foods?

Either you’re here because you’d like to give your milk supply a good start or your supply is already suffering and it needs a quick boost. In my mind, there are foods that can be eaten regularly to maintain a great supply and certain ingredients that can be used to boost a supply.

Eating a healthy, balance diet is a necessity to maintain your breastfeeding relationship. In general, these ingredients are known balanced breastfeeding friendly foods:

  • Leafy greens (like spinach)
  • Oatmeal
  • Garlic
  • Dairy
  • Lean Meat
  • Fruits and Veggies rich in Vitamin A

If you’re looking for breastfeeding meal ideas, the Breastfeeding Cookbook by Mommy Labor Nurse contains tons of recipes to get you started!

Now, if you’re struggling with a milk shortage or trying to boost your supply, there are certain ingredients you can try to consume that can help you see results within a very short amount of time.

The breastfeeding foods that boost your milk supply are:

  • Fenugreek (I typically took supplements for this.)
  • Flaxseed
  • Brewer’s Yeast
  • Fennel Seeds
  • Mother’s Milk Tea

As you can see, there are plenty of lactogenic foods you can try.

At minimum, I recommend that you at least try flaxseed and brewer’s yeast.

Brewer’s yeast is, more or less, the biproduct made from fermenting beer (don’t worry, no alcoholic content!). It’s high in chromium, selenium, and vitamin B.

Flaxseed is often used in lactation recipes as well. Even if you’re not breastfeeding, it’s a fantastic ingredient to keep in your pantry! It contains vitamin e, fiber, and omega 3.

Milk supply issues are fairly common throughout the first year of motherhood, so it’s a good idea to stock up on these items now.

Pastries & Cookies

Isn’t it just a little ironic that a lactation cookie is the go-to lactation snack? No one ever talks about lactation soup or lactation salads (at least I don’t). I think its because we moms realize that we deserve a little break—a little indulgence—while we work hard to produce. Then again, you can only eat so many cookies before you begin to pack the pounds.

Here are a few of my favorite lactation recipes that are sweet, delicious, and post-baby diet-friendly.

Oatmeal Blueberry Muffins

I love Well-Plated by Erin. She’s one of my favorite food bloggers. These “healthy” blueberry muffins are absolutely delicious and contain lots of lactation-boosting ingredients.

If you want to make this recipe even more breastfeeding-friendly, try adding a tsp of flaxseed to it. (I say tsp to avoid making the muffins too dry).

The Best Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal Muffins

These apple cinnamon oatmeal muffins are perfect for a mommy play date or a nice lactation snack for around the house. Once again, if you want to make this snack even more breastfeeding-friendly, try adding a tsp of flaxseed or brewer’s yeast.

Chocolate Chip Lactation Muffins

Are you drooling yet? I am! Chocolate makes everything tastier. I love that this recipe already includes brewer’s yeast and flaxseed. Plus, you can freeze these muffins and use them later if you have more supply issues.

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Easy, “No-Bake” Lactation Bites

Don’t have time to bake? I GET IT! This no bake lactation recipe can be whipped up in less than fifteen minutes and is A-mazing.

Zucchini-Banana Bread

If you’re tired of lactation cookies and need a healthier dessert, give this zucchini-banana bread a try. While it’s not expressly a lactation recipe, this recipe is full nutrients!

Lactation Breakfast Ideas

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, which is why I added a full section dedicated to it. It’s also the meal that I tend to fall off the wagon when I don’t watch myself. Pancakes, french toast, crepes…I’m a sucker for breakfast breads. Can I get an amen? If you have the same issue, don’t worry. These lactation breakfast ideas are seriously tasty but won’t consume your entire caloric allowance in one sitting.

Strawberry Banana Lactation Smoothie

Strawberry Banana smoothies are my absolute fave. I never grow tired of them. This smoothie recipe from Diary of a First Time Mom includes almond milk, which is perfect if your baby needs to a zero-dairy diet.

Personally, I can’t really stand the taste of brewer’s yeast unless it’s baked with tons of butter and sugar, so I made a slight adjustment to the recipe and stuck with flaxseed.

Avocado Bacon & Egg Bites

If you’re breastfeeding and trying to keep away from the carbs, this recipe is perfect for you. While it doesn’t contain flax seed or brewer’s yeast, eggs are well-known for their high protein and B-12 content, and avocados are stocked-full with healthy fats necessary for breastfeeding moms.

Banana Oatmeal Pancakes

Can you say tasty flourless pancakes? This lactation breakfast recipe is simply made from eggs, bananas, oats, butter, and yogurt!

Coconut Latte Overnight Oats

Oatmeal is the number one go-to for lactating moms. It’s in almost every woman’s pantry and it’s extremely easy to make. But, let’s be honest. Oats gets real boring, real fast. That’s why I love Table for Two’s take on the traditional oatmeal. Coconut milk and coffee combined in one glorious, pre-made breakfast.

French Toast Overnight Oats

Since we’re talking about overnight oats, check out this french toast version by Smart Little Cookie. It’s one of my favorite oatmeal recipes for breastfeeding, especially if you’re sick of adding flax seed to everything!

Packed with syrup and delicious almond milk, it also contains scoop of super-boosting protein powder and chia seeds, which is an excellent source of protein, fiber, and calcium.

Easy Dinner Lactation Recipes

If you don’t need super quick results and are looking for healthy meals that support lactation, check out these awesome dinner ideas. These dinner lactation recipes are very healthy, great for just about any diet, and can give you the boost you need.

Spinach Quiche Muffins

If you’re struggling to eat the green stuff, this is the perfect recipe for you. My husband hates spinach, but it seems like he always makes an exception when quiche is involved. Red peppers, spinach, eggs, and mushrooms make up the perfect appetizer from a Saturday night get-together.

Creamy Chicken Quinoa Broccoli Casserole

If your household is like mine, you might find it difficult to cram any healthy ingredients onto the dinner table. This recipe contains the perfect combination of indulgence and nutrition, containing delicious gruyere cheese and butter, and quinoa and broccoli.

One Pan Lemon Garlic Salmon & Asparagus

I love salmon, but it can be a bother to cook sometimes. You undercook it and it has that nasty (to me), wet fishy taste. You overcook it and it’s dry. I don’t have time to cook salmon to it’s full potential. That’s why I’m super-psyched about this one pan oven-cooked recipe. Throw it in the broiler or grill, cook it on high for 10 minutes, and you’ve got an easy, lactation-friendly dinner meal.

Skinny Sweet Potato Casserole with Maple Pecan Topping

This sweet potato casserole is phenomenal. This vegan recipe has all of the ingredients that really matter for lactation: sweet potatoes, coconut oil, almond milk, and almond milk. Delicious!!

Easy Guacamole Recipe

My favorite cookbook ever! The Magnolia Table contains healthy-ish recipes that are so easy to create!

Guacamole is one of the healthiest and easiest recipes you can create that contains all of the nutrients you need to produce milk.

Hands down, my favorite guacamole recipe comes from Joanna Gaines’ cookbook, The Magnolia Table. It’s tangy, has just a hint of spice, and so delicious. If you’re looking for a good cookbook, I can’t recommend this one enough. But, if you’re just looking for a good guacamole recipe, you can’t go wrong with the one found at Spend With Pennies.

What Are Your Favorite Lactation Recipes?

I hope this list of savory breastfeeding recipes proves one thing: increasing your milk production can be a very tasty adventure! What did you think? Any of these foods look good? If you have a favorite lactation recipe let me know below!

Also, if you’re struggling with a low supply and need to boost your production NOW, check out my post about How to Increase Your Milk Supply Fast.

Good luck, Mama!


15 Delicious Breastfeeding Foods and Recipes to Boost Your Milk Supply

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