About Me

If I had to sum up myself in five words or less, it would be:

Writer, Believer, Wife, Mother, Coffee-Junkie



While most girls were playing dress up, I was dreaming of becoming a superhero and finding lost cities in the middle of the ocean. Over time, my fantasies evolved into stories. I loved to write, ever since I was a wee one. Unfortunately, I never considered writing a viable tool for a successful career. Instead, I followed my (distant) second passion, Interior Design.

This was definitely where my perfectionist streak was cultured. I’m not kidding you, they made us take classes on how to draw straight lines. Who spends hours deciding between five shades of blue or brushed nickel or polished chrome hardware? We do.



My senior year of college, I went through some dark times. Despite all of the things that I deemed successes, I had hit rock bottom. Then, like the Avengers storming in right before Loki takes over the world, Christ saved me. It was an earth-shattering, life-altering event. I was so grateful that I tried to find a way to repay Him. I crept into the local campus ministry and signed up for the mission trip. I had this fantasy of traveling to Bulgaria to serve the Romani, Mother Theresa-style. Turns out, I didn’t go to Bulgaria. I did meet the love of my life and discovered a passion for helping women through their struggles.



Our lives completely changed when my husband was offered a job across the country. All of a sudden, we weren’t broke newly-weds surviving off my income. He was the bread-winner and I was left with a decision to make. We knew we wanted children soon, so I decided to give up Interior Design to become a homemaker.

It was the best choice I’ve ever made.


Out of all of the hats that I’ve worn, being a mom is the most challenging. I think that’s because there is no possible way to be “perfect”. There is no exact formula for being a good parent. No matter what I do, I will disappoint someone; that might be my daughter, my husband, friends, family, or society. No matter how many books I read or instructional videos I watch, I’ll never have a precise plan pulled together that will ensure the perfect development of my child.

Then I realized something: I don’t have to be a perfect mom.

Or a perfect wife or writer or coffe junkie ;). Growth is facilitated by uncomfortable situations. Every day my daughter challenges me to become a better version of myself. Yet, every day she reminds me that I’ll never be perfect. And that’s okay. As a mother, I’m the most flawed that I’ve ever been, and yet this is the most rewarding job in the world.

That’s why I say:

You don’t have to be a Perfect Mom to be the Perfect Mom. 


Motherhood is truly a reminder of this verse:

My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.
2 Corinthians 12:9 (ESV)

Whatever brought you to my blog, I hope that you’ll find some encouragement through my story. In turn, I hope you’ll share a piece of your story with me.

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